3 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Promoted

Being recognized for your efforts at work and getting a promotion, feels great. Unfortunately, most people have some misconceptions about the process or the “game” of promotion and therefore end up being disappointed. Having worked in the corporate world (including Intel, Microsoft, Apple) for nearly 15 years – as engineers, scientists and managers –  we believe these are some of the most common mistakes smart employees make at work:

Not Enough Visibility: You are a good employee and you do a good job, however, no one knows who you are. You have no voice or opinion – at least none that your organization knows of. You aren’t influencing anyone. The reality is you don’t have to be delivering solutions to have your voice heard. You can start by asking quality questions in meetings.

“My Work Will Speak For Itself”: Have you met a person at work who always boasts about his own accomplishments or worse takes credit for other people’s work? Of course, you don’t want to become that guy and for that reason, you either don’t talk about your accomplishments or when you do your water them down. You put your hope in the quality of the work you produce. Unfortunately, at workplace hope does not go far. There is nothing wrong about sharing your accomplishments as long as you do it honestly and elegantly. After all, if you don’t recognize yourself, who will?

Over-rating Technical Expertise: You spend too much time mastering the technical aspects of your job – engineering, designing, creating, etc. While you are very good at what you do, you see people who do the good-enough job getting promoted year after year. You need to balance these 3 powers to truly succeed at your current work and in your career: 1) Power of Expertise (your technical skills), 2) Power of Connections (your visibility and credibility), 3) Power of Influence (your certainty and confidence)

Which one of the above is holding you back? Or is it something else we didn’t’ include? Contact us now for a FREE one-on-one coaching session and let’s create a massive action plan to put your career on the fast-track!

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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Promoted”

  1. I am a sales director at a mid-size telecom company. In my organization 80% of the people miss promotion because of these reason above. Spot on.

  2. Would you please write article like this one “3 reasons why you didn’t get the job”? I think persons (me too) will be much interested in. Merci!

  3. How about not having the technical skills? If you dont have that you cant get work done and if you cant get work done you wont get promoted. :-\

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