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Here’s What People Are Saying

“Berk’s coaching was one of the best experiences of my life.” -Marco Marquez, Business Consultant, Miami, FL

I don’t believe that if I had not had coaching with Keiko I would have written my book or completed it as quickly as I did. She’s a coach that delivers results!” -Rebecca Parry, VP Customer Engagement, Los Angeles, CA

“Berk draws from a wealth of experience. He has the directness of an engineer and the softness of a mentor. He challenges your thinking in ways your friends, family, or boss can never do. He’s a great asset to have in your corner!” -Rich Deneen, Principal/Owner, Lucya LLC, Pittsburg, PA

“Keiko is a great champion to have when you’re trying to carve a path forward and your mind is in a muddle. I highly recommend her!” -Ruchi Vyas, Scientist, San Jose, CA

“Berk’s method of asking difficult questions eventually brought out the ultimate goal in me, something that had been lost after all these years. He also made me see what is truly stopping me from achieving it.” -Viknesh S., Movie Director/Producer, San Francisco, CA.