Johari Window

Johari window is a model that can help you better understand relationships with yourself and with others. It was created by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1950s. The term Johari is a combination of their first names. The technique works like this:

1. Public-self: This is the part of you that is known to you and to others. It includes your skills, attitude, behavior, etc. Other people communicate with you through this opening.

2. Private-self: This is you which no-one knows about. You keep this to yourself. It includes your fears, secrets, traumatic experiences, etc.

3. Subconscious: No one – including you – knows about this part of you. It often remains hidden until you experience dramatic life events. You can reduce this opening through self-discovery exercises, such as meditation, journaling or therapy.

4. Blind spot: This is the part of you that you are unaware of but others are well aware of it. Because of this, people might interpret you differently than you would expect. You may also have bad habits or limiting beliefs that are rooted in this area which might be holding you back in life. Your friends, colleagues or family wouldn’t tell you about your blind spot because you could resent them – even if what they say is in your best interest.

One of our goals with our clients is to show them their blind spot. Do you wonder what your blind spot is? If so, contact us now and let’s discover it together!

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    1. Hi BigCookie – Thanks for your comment. Don’t you think you can understand people better if you understand yourself better first?

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