Success Paradox

Paradox is a situation or a thing that seems absurd and self-contradictory but when investigated may prove to be true. Success leads to more status, money, friends, security and freedom. What is the paradox in that, you might ask? It is loneliness – lack of people connection. Becoming successful means that you now have a different mindset and because of that you take different actions. You are producing more results in life. When you begin to experience success, you may have a hard time fitting in with your existing circle of friends. You are outpacing them. You may get criticized, envied and perhaps even hated. When that’s the case, it’s time to level up in life and update your proximity – those people you surround yourself with.

US military spent millions of dollars on a research study to understand why is it that so many soldiers who perform well while in service, end up becoming homeless or alcoholics after their service. Sounds like another paradox, right? The study’s conclusion boiled down to just one word – proximity. Soldiers have high expectations from each other and they also hold each other accountable. A soldier’s proximity to other soldiers plays a big role in his success. When that is gone, results are likely to change drastically. Same thing applies to you too. If you want to fly like an eagle, you can’t afford to hang out with the chickens.

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3 thoughts on “Success Paradox”

  1. Very sad but true. I am vet and I fought with alcohol for many years. while in service I never thought it could happen to me. It was different back then.

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