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Upon request, we can provide you with a list of over-achievers whose lives have been transformed through our coaching partnerships. Below are just a few these people:

“Berk’s coaching was quite powerful right from the get-go. He asked me questions I needed to be asking myself. Stepping outside of my own world and being challenged to think from a different perspective really helped me to dial in what I’m looking to achieve and the type of results I’d like to see. Very pleased with the insight he provided and the ease in which that guidance came. I would recommend anyone who is looking to make changes either personally or professionally to get in touch with Berk.” -Farshad Kivi, Marketing Director at FGP CNC, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Working with Keiko gave me an opportunity to define what was important in my life and to identify ways of reaching my goals.” -Polina S., Scientist, Berkeley, CA

“Berk was my career mentor when I first entered the corporate world. What I valued most was his capacity to listen and then tailor advice especially for my situation. He advocated for taking the long term view and encouraged me not to burn myself out and make sure my passions were flowing to the projects and ideas where they would have the highest chance for success and impact.” -BJ Malicoat, Principle Software Engineer, Seattle, WA

“I began working with Berk while I was on maternity leave. I was unsure of how I was going to balance the demands of my career and motherhood, but he helped me develop new confidence and a love for my job.” -Nicole Lettich, Manager of Human Resources, Hoboken, NJ

“Working with Berk has opened my eyes to the opportunities I already have and gave me a spark to discover the ones that I have always dreamed of. I have also learned specific methods to make my progress easy and exciting. It has been an amazing experience to have a coach/partner whose sole focus is guiding and inspiring me to be the best version of myself.” -Zaara, Principal at KittenChops Illustration, Seattle, WA

“Since I began working with Berk, my career and my finances have gone in an incredible path. I know for sure that it would not have happened without him. If you are looking to control your life, you must call him.” -Eddie Rios, Realtor, Recipient of Presidents Club Achievement, Oakland, CA

“Before working with Keiko I felt stuck in a mindless daily routine, afraid to examine my long-term goals because they seemed so far out of reach. Keiko immediately helped me recognize what outcomes were truly important to me, identify and reverse the mindsets that were holding me back, and break down big goals into simple, actionable steps. I now have a clear path to achieving the career goals that really matter to me.” -Stefanie Borys, Owner of Stefanie Borys Design, Bozeman, MT

“Berk has been helping me with my business for several weeks now, and I can speak to the effectiveness of his method. He is really clear, insightful, and honest — no BS! Really refreshing to have someone help you define and address the blind spots and personal habits that tend to slow down your business’ growth and prevent you from reaching the prosperity you seek.” -Ari Laquidara, Founder of Tech Hero, El Cerrito, CA

“Berk is an inspiring powerhouse with a warm-hearted, innovative and exciting approach toward building a business. His deep, one-on-one coaching will challenge you in a way that you will love because he brings his personal history, wisdom, and experience to the table. Berk pays close attention to your personal needs and desires as he guides you in finding your very own inspired way of doing business. If you are serious about getting help with building your business, do yourself a favor and contact Berk.” -Barbara Reiner, Embodying Spirit Counselor, Berkeley, CA

“I came across Keiko exactly when I needed her. While juggling life and work as a first-time female CEO in the tech industry, Keiko helped me to better organize, prioritize, and tackle the things that needed to be improved. She will help you create a roadmap for your success. You’ll be lucky to work with her. If you do – she is golden to any individual.” -Evren Holland, CEO, MAKERSWHEEL, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Keiko was a great experience. She helped me identify the aspects of my life that needed attention. Having regular sessions with her helped me remove mental and emotional blocks and identify the things that need to be improved on. She is a great champion to have when you’re trying to carve a path forward and your mind is in a muddle. I highly recommend Keiko!” -Ruchi Vyas, Scientist, San Jose, CA

“Berk helped me eliminate obstacles that were impeding my progress. By challenging me to think outside-the-box, he encouraged me to visualize new courses of action and take the necessary steps to overcome my hurdles. I am grateful for the confidence-building exercises. I am definitely benefiting from my new-found tenacity.” -Rabekah P., Seattle, WA

“Berk draws from a wealth of experience. He has the directness of an engineer and the softness of a mentor. He challenges your thinking in ways your friends, family or boss can never do. He’s a great asset to have in your corner!” -Rich Deneen, Principal/Owner, Lucya LLC, Pittsburg, PA

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